Redefining the limits of cybersecurity platforms for your business

Our values

Defenda Solutions is an Italian Cybersecurity company, founded on the values of counteracting cyber threats before they have a negative impact on the business, integrating the most advanced data mining technologies and highly specialised personnel.

We combine tailor-made solutions with a cyber threat intelligence platform that provides unprecedented visibility and analytical capabilities on compromised data in real time, an area often underestimated. We scan across the most hidden to access areas of the web.

We implement and manage our own security solutions in Italy to ensure the highest degree of protection. All data is stored in European data centers to comply with the "General Data Protection Regulation".

Your Business Security
is our
Cyber Priority

147 million: this is the number of digital identities stolen by cybercriminals monitored by Defenda Solutions experts in the first eight months of 2022. This figure, which represents a 53% increase compared to 2020, is growing year on year. Credential abuse is pervasive and allows cyber threat actors to carry out all kinds of malicious activities.

Our Team

Neutralize Threats Before
They Affect the Business

Our team, composed of multilingual experts, has remarkable experience in cybersecurity & cybercrime-related phenomena, providing unparalleled vision and understanding of the information hidden in the darkest corners.

Unlike traditional cybercrime services, Defenda Solutions offers an innovative solution to identify sensitive, confidential and compromised data.

To continuously monitor potential cyber threats, we have chosen a unique combination of human resources and systems based on artificial intelligence to analyze, categorize, and prioritize information based on business risk.

Customer Benefits

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Time Saving Monitoring Darkweb

Time Saving Monitoring Darkweb

A technological tool that significantly reduces the time required for identification through 24/7 monitoring to neutralize cyber threats before they have negative impact on customers' business.

Confidentiality and privacy oriented solution

Confidentiality and Privacy Oriented Solution

Our services work sensitively not accessing the entire data of our customers. Manages its own IT security solutions in Italy to ensure the highest degree of protection. All data is stored in European data centres to comply with the "General Data Protection Regulation."

Proactive Standards to Elastically Form Our Market

Proactive Standards to Elastically Form Our Market

Our in-house R&D is ready to win battles and quickly defend customers from cyber threats. We constantly trace new challenges and hidden problems to implement optimal future of threat intelligence. Our flexibility and commitment to excellence in fast action, sets us apart from the market.

Tailor-made Service For The Customer

Tailor-made Service for the Customer

We offer a solution driven approach to satisfy customer requirements. We draw up tailor-made strategies for each unique situation and strive to always deliver positive, effective and valuable experiences for our clients.

Easy non Invasive Protection

Easy non Invasive Protection

A proactive platform with innovative capabilities designed to protect against threats through a unique combination of intelligent and non-invasive solutions. For proactive identification of high-value threats, our services do not need to change the customer's infrastructure IT.

Money Saving Solution

Money Saving Solution

With Defenda Solutions system threats are mitigated before they lead to business outages, high technical costs and reputational damage. The impact of cyberattacks on a business can be extremely damaging: IBM reports the average cost of each data breach at $4.35 million.