We act immediately towards proactive understanding.

Protect your business through our threat intelligence platform and tailor-made solutions.

Billions of pieces of information are stolen every year. Criminals take advantage of this by exposing organisations to security breaches and ransomware. Their ultimate goal is to generate explicit revenue and inflict economic damage on the victimised company, both immediately and in the future.

We shed light and illuminate the cyber bridge, unveiling and unmasking cyber threats, making them visible. We uncover stolen identities, events, activities and threat actors that cannot normally be detected or analysed in real time.

Stolen and compromised identities are not only the most common cause of a data breach, but they also take the longest time to identify.

Detect and neutralise attacks before they
have a negative impact on your business

36 M +

We monitored 36 million of compromised credentials during the first half of 2022

4,35 M $

Average cost of a data breach with a 20% increment from 2017 (for IBM Cyber security Intelligence Index Report)

24,4 %

Increase in data breach incident from 2020 to 2022
(for IBM Cybersecurity Intelligence Index Report)

Who do we help?

Defenda Solutions is ready to neutralise cyber threats across Clear, Deep and Dark Web sources. The provided information can dramatically increase the speed at which organizations respond to threats and improve the effectiveness of that response. We secure businesses of any type and size.

The Cyber Threats Intelligence developed by Defenda Solutions (using a language that is easily understood by key people and managers) offers unprecedented visibility and analytical capabilities of the vulnerabilities pertaining to the value chain without the need to alter the Customer’s IT infrastructure.

The tailor-made approach of our solutions is the biggest advantage we offer to our clients as we are able to
recognise the business risks, unique priorities, and real-time requirements for various industries. The solution provides actionable insights for each organization based on its specific requirements.

A tailor-made solution for industries

Each industry has its unique cyber threats targeting them. Defenda Solutions offers real and efficient solutions to protect you from the threats targeting each industry such as:

Banking and Finance




Gas and Oil

Gaming and Leisure





Retail and E-commerce

Luxury and Fashion Houses

Public Administration

Automotive sector


Food and beverages

Our Innovative Solution Approach

A technological means that significantly reduces the time required for identification, to neutralise cyber threats before they have a negative consequence on our customers' business.

We take care of transforming information into strategic intelligence for the customer. We generate complex activities through interpretation, structuring, and correlation.

A solution that integrates without modifying customer's existing infrastructure IT.

A system for cataloguing and interpreting raw data obtained from various sources on the Deep Web and Dark Web, with the aim of identifying hidden information related to customers of various types such as documents, credentials, events, images, procedures, etc.

What are our solutions?

Three main approaches for solutions
that meet business requirements




Defenda Solutions: cybersecurity boutique for business continuity

Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform

Our cyber intelligence platform brings the cyber breach to light, unmasking invisible cyber threats and exposing hidden credentials, events, activities, and threat actors that usually get away without being discovered or analysed.

The data Defenda Solutions provides through its intelligence platform enriches the algorithms of cybersecurity management systems. The standard models used for fraud management are based on a simple assumption: anomalous behaviour may be an indication of fraud. In contrast, our systems are based on reliable data that has already been validated.

Security Awareness Training

Why is security awareness training essential?

We strengthen your business, preventing your staff from falling for phishing and ransomware with our tailor-made training.

The concept is to train and educate your employees to make them aware of various cyber attack vectors that are dangerous for organisations. We then specify all the security practices that must be followed.

Defenda Solutions security awareness training prepares your employees to improve the cybersecurity posture and to defend your business with a complete framework that guarantees effective sustainable end results for better overall performance.

+ 729 %

increase in phishing attacks from june 2020 to june 2022
(for Anti-Phishing Working Group)

82 %

of breaches involved the “human factor
(for IBM Cybersecurity Intelligence Index Report)

+ 90 %

all the users are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing message

    • Assess employees’ knowledge of daily cyber threats and empower them with training on how to proactively defend against threats: This is what Defenda Solutions can offer its clients. 
    • We train employees with tailored interactive content to enhance both their personal expertise and cybersecurity skills. The extensive experience of our ethical hackers sets Defenda Solutions apart from the crowd, and has also allowed us to develop training that goes far beyond general advice. The training material revolves entirely around the experience gained from analysing real cyber attacks.
    • After technical protection is provided, tailored social and cultural behaviour training is provided. It is also crucial to assess current performance and the overall situation. Defenda Solutions’ customised training and phishing solutions are designed to meet your organisation’s needs. In fact, every company has its own technological policies, procedures and regulations.

Knowledge Assessment

  • Create baseline assessments
  • Standard guidelines
  • Culture assessment
  • Social behaviour assessment
  • Phishing test

Changing Behaviour

  • Communication and engagement
  • Positive behaviour reinforcement
  • Tailored adaptive learning experience
  • Social Behaviour assessment
  • Customised education content
  • Automated simulated phishing attacks


  • Measure behavioural change
  • Measure performance results
  • Highlight new communication skills